Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A final thought from múinteoir!

Remember to fill someone's bucket every day!


Good luck in Secondary School 6th Class,
Stay true to yourselves and Be Great!

Party time

 Our last party in Primary School

 Dancing the day away!

Science is fun!

    Deep concentration.
 Is that lemon for me?
 Please work!!
 Oh, what's happened here?
 A new form of battery?
 Modern technology is amazing!
 I think you're cheating?!

 Wonder and awe!

Can you tell which is soft and which is hard?
 Rocket Launch
Watch it go!

Thanks for visiting Rang a hAon is a Dó

A fantastic day at Dublin Zoo

 Let the fun begin!
 A wonderful bunch of girls.
 Can you see, what I see?

Friends for Life!
 Who could that be?

Finish with an ice-cream! Yum!

Dancing at Belturbet Fleadh

Memories of Zambia

  All the children listen attentively to stories from a far!

                                 Wearing the Kaftan
Steady now!

Windows Poetry Competition

             Well Done Girls. Poets of the Future